Any Parent or workaholic can achieve their dream body with the 7ifestyle method, because sensible sustainable lifestyle choices grant you with the body you dream of!

Despite having a good healthy physique & once upon a time being a young semi-professional athlete for 10 years.

I have had times where i have struggled with my weight in the past;

My motivation/aspiration to do better was none existent, i became very busy with work & university & struggled to find time.

I gained a stone in weight maybe more, plus i was in denial so i did not check the scales purely out of fear!

I knew that if i carried on this road of none action & denial my health, fitness & mindset would only get worse.

Even more weight gain, raised blood pressure, breathless while walking, jumping up a clothes size!

How i managed to lose weight & get myself back in control

The moment i knew i had to make changes in my life to become healthier & get back in shape,
i had to jump out of my comfort zone... weigh myself, take photos & monitor my progress in as many ways as possible.


I had to get started making time for workouts despite how busy or lazy i was or how my emotions were that day because i had committed to fitting in at least 3 workouts in which was achievable for me.

I had to get started making smarted food choices regardless of social settings such as meals out and also taking lunch to work with me instead of getting fast food on the go.

I lastly made sure my down time was productive by walking the dog where possible or partner to work or spending quality time outside when the weather was nice.

Over a short time period the solutions i had put in place were working; 

  • I lost several pounds of fat.

  • I started to look & feel better in my own skin.

  • I had regained my motivation to never feel that way again.

  •  I mentally made more time to improve my relationship & social life. 

Transformations & Testimonies

Don't just take my word for how i helped myself and various other busy men & women,

get into amazing shape & regain control over their health & fitness.

See for yourself.

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Coach Luke Morbey Bsc

With over 10 years in the health & fitness industry

I have been able to help hundreds of people overcome their weight loss journey, while also improving their physique & overall health, fitness & mindset. 


The power of having a coach when you are un-motivated often helps to persuade you to do things you know you should be doing but often let emotion or social events manipulate you into your comfort zone.

Personal Trining, Online Coaching or 7 week Course

To achieve results similar to the people i have already helped there are 3 packages available.

All are designed to help you achieve your desired weight loss goals via learning, applying & developing the skills required for you to succeed.

  • Unlimited coaching support to ask questions, receive feedback & send progress reports.

  • Accountability to ensure the work we agree upon is completed.

  • Specific workout routines designed to help achieve maximal results.

  • Calorie controlled recipes to ensure a proper diet is maintained. 

Personal Training

in person or via live calls is a premium service which sole purpose is making sure 1, 2 or 3 workouts each week are completed safely and effectively along side the full Online Coaching package.

Online Coaching

Advice is given via; Email, WhatsApp, Test message, Phone calls, Social media, Youtube & any other form of communication you use regularly.

This may include workout programmes, meal recipes, check-ins, challenges, coaching videos, stretching or warm up routines etc.

7 week transformation course

An informative education & self action based programme delivered by weekly group live calls, group community/accountability with 2 bonus speed coaching calls to monitor progress and receive personalised support with your goals.



Now its time to book a free consultation,

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