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Hi my names Luke & i am an award Winning

Personal Trainer / Health Coach

who has helped over hundred's of Male's & Female's,

change their health, fitness & lifestyle in the last few years!

BSc (Hons) Exercise & Health

Advanced Personal Trainer

Ex-Athlete 400m Hurdles

I specialise in helping individuals get:

Fitter, Leaner, Stronger & Healthier!


There is no better day than today.

Give up on the lifestyle you've been living,

focus on the one you want to live.

 LMTT sets you up for results, The work you complete determines your actual results! 

We both know it's too easy to lie to yourself & not truly fully commit.

Employing a coach makes your goal(s) a priority,

The accountability factor along with other tools ensures your success!

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Client Transformation's



I started training with Luke 24+ Months ago. I was heavily over-weight, low on confidence and also have multiple sclerosis, which means I need to take care over what exercise I do and how much.


I have tried countless times over my life to lose weight, some more successfully than others. This is the most success I have EVER had, I credit Luke with a lot of that success.  Because this time, I have not only learned to eat better, I have found a real love of exercise.

In addition, Luke has changed my mindset from just looking at the  numbers on the scales, to thinking about overall health, strength and fitness.

I started as a size 20 and now fit into size 14 clothes! I have lost over 25% of my body weight, my blood pressure has returned to somewhat “normal”.

I sometimes see photographs of myself and can't believe its me!

Luke always arrived at sessions with a smile on his face, and something new to do.  He has supported me, listened to me, advised me and occasionally even given me a good push back in the right direction. I would thoroughly recommend him to anyone looking for a personal trainer.


I have been going to the gym for over 6 years with not much improvement and staying the same weight.

But since I have been working with Luke over the pass 12 months, I have become fitter, stronger and a lot lighter.

I have to had to make some changes to my life style a little but I am eating better and more regular times and healthier food.

Luke has set the amount of calories I require and try to stick to it as much as I can.

I have weekly session with Luke, He keeps me motivated and pushes me to my limits to get the best out of me, even when I am not exactly feeling like doing it.

Luke helps me get from start to finish during my session. 

The sessions are hard work but very enjoyable especially when you see the results after each fitness test you can see the benefits.

Luke helps me do each exercise correctly, making sure I am in the right position and use the right parts of the body to not injury myself,

Luke is very friendly, helpful and know what he is talking about!


Luke makes every session good as he mixes everything up and keeps me on my toes always!

Luke's sessions and diet plan are realistic and easy to follow which keeps me on track as we are not craving for 'naughty' food... as much!

I think luke has helped see my life in a new light with training etc. and I would definitely recommend him to anyone.

I have learnt that training is going to have ups and downs and i just needed to keep focused and patient, Luke's strength for me is definitely his motivational talking and distraction from the pain to push those extra reps out even if we don't want to, he is a trainer who interacts with you, which I like!


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